CT Scan 2 slice, Dual CT/e GE SECOND

Rp. 900.000.000,-

Brivo CT325 Features:

  1. Volume Analysis allows you to manage 3D and 2D imaging in real time. Within the same display, you can review multiple acquisitions, associating 2D images with a variable slab thicknesscapability (Average, MIP, MinIP, Volume Rendering) according to the exam’s requirements.
  2. Reformat With Direct-Multi-Planar Reconstruction (DMPR), datasets are prospectively presented in the axial, sagittal,coronal, and oblique planes. For more confident assessmentand diagnosis of sinus, chest, abdomen, inter-vertebral disc,and fractures.
  3. Multi-Projection Volume Reconstructionprovides a quickand easy way to generate volumetric images to help you accurately enhance contrast and improve visualizationof structures.
  4. Virtual Endoscopyprovides a visualization of intra-luminal structures such as airways, colon, sinus, or vascular structures. Images can be viewed dynamically using a virtual “flythrough” mode.
  5. CT Perfusionenables stroke management through quick quantitative analysis of blood flow disturbances in the brain, including cerebral blood volume, cerebral blood flow, and mean transit time.
  6. Specification :
  • 20 mm detector in Z axis equal to the detector width of 16 slice CT
  • Sub mm Scanning for Cochlea, Ossicles
  • Asymmetric mode - both mediastinum and HRCT in single scan(thick and thin together)
  • 140 kV and 200 mA
  • 30 mm/s scan speed*
  • Digital tilt with 30 unlimited
  • Pediatric Scan FOV for dose reduction - 18 cm and 25 cm head andbody Scan FOV
  • AAR - for hand down scanning and metal artifact
  • Volume Viewer - Extended application with 6 types of 3Ds, MPVR,Auto Path Navigator, Joint Disarticulation, Auto select vessel,multiobject merging etc.



Rp. 900.000.000,-

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